Getting an aesthetic value is possible if you take care of your car properly,and we will show you how to Hand Car WASH and how to WAX Car as professional.

How to wash and wax car ?

Hi, If you are looking for professional solutions that offer the highest quality “Hand Car Wash“, Great! You’ve come to the right place, I know you love your car very much and I do too ^_^.

So I researched and collected all good tips to Hand Wash a car by detailing. Now you only need to read this post carefully, I think you will have enough knowledge to Wash and Wax your car professional by yourself.

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Car Detailing

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About the car washing and waxing in a chemically advanced way

The median age of the car was around 100 thousand miles a decade ago. But thanks to industry-wide improvements, quality car care products have helped to improve the median age to double the first amount. For many reasons cars get dirty. Not just rain spots and dirt are the responsible for this, rather there are other causes like airborne pollutants, dead bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, acid rains that can deteriorate the exterior of the vehicle.

Now if you get a modern car detailing finishers, it is possible to protect the main layer of the exterior with a clear coat. Even if you have a UV-resistant layer in the external body of the car, it is still possible to use that for a longer period of time, if you are careful enough to maintain it.

Check out more about Imperfections will make your Car’s Surface Terrible

The same thing goes for car interiors. The slimy patina of the French fries or sweat can damage the interior of the car, especially the leather objects. A leather cleaner is what you need to clean the leather seats.

There are conditioners available to do that are made with natural oils. Modern chemistry made wax into small particles and with its help, waxing and detailing the car is relatively easier these days.  Quick sprays are also available too,  to work on steerings and also on the wheels. Windows can be cleaned in a way that a single spot will not be created over it or any scratch.


Firstly, Of course, we must prepare all the Items!

If your car receives proper maintenance, there is no fear in purchasing an expensive car, as that can be considered as an investment. Washing the car at regular intervals is a way of taking care of your vehicle that you should not ignore. Getting an aesthetic value is possible if you take care of your car properly, but from another perspective that caring attitude can be treated as mandatory.

Unless you do that you will face problems and that will cost you unnecessary money due to the chipping of the paint and rust exposure. Thirty minutes of work every week is what is required to get a glaring look of your car and to lengthen the life of the wax.

exterior car wash

Here are the things that you will need to wash and wax your car properly.

  • Bucket
  • Hose
  • Car washing soap
  • Sponge
  • Wax
  • Small sponge, especially soft
  • Window cleaner

Therefore, there are a few products I prepared that you can check out to have an overview of “Hand car wash”

In the market, you can get many products to wash and wax your car properly. Those products are made by many manufacturers and they are covered up by different brands. Some of those are expensive where some of those are not. Again, some of those offer good durable features where some are yet to earn good customer feedback. This is why customers often remain in a dilemma when it is the time to select any particular product. Here are some of the products that you can check out for car washing and waxing.

You can get some other car detailing products for car glass cleaning and for wheel cleaning. In case you want to dig down the market, it is good to check out the customer reviews of the products before making any decision to purchase.


Secondly, The most important step to Hand Wash the car:

What is the right way to wash a car?

  • Park the car in an area that is shaded. Follow the direction on the soap. Take the bucket and fill that with water and the soap solution. Take the help of the hose to rinse that off.

hand car wash

  • Dip the sponge in the sudsy water and wipe your car. It is good to work section by section. You can start at the upper side of the car & get to rest eventually. It is very important to take adequate care at this stage as you might scrub off the body. If you rub the dirt, the contaminants in the paint might create a scratch in the car.

hand car wash

  • Rinse the soapy water with the sponge. Wring out the loose particles in the pores. The Same thing stands for the fibers too. Swirl properly.

hand car wash with microfiber cloth

  • It’s time to spray the car with the hose when you complete each and every section.

hand car wash with hose

  • Take a towel to dry the car. Find out if there’s any accumulated water over the surface and gently dry that up. Don’t rub too much with the towels as that might cause scratches.

hand car wash

  • Use the high-pressure hose to clean the downside of the car. Clean the wheels and every other surface. Don’t forget to check the tiny nooks and the crannies.


Steps to waxing your car:

  • It is important to wax a car every six months. While applying the wax you should allow enough time to dry your car. The paint needs to be dry & cool. It is just like washing when it comes to the point of doing per section basis. It means wax the car by section.
  • Take the bottle of the wax in your hand and shake properly. Now rub wax on the car and create a lather that will be thin. Take two minutes of break. You will see the white appearance of waxing fade. Once that occurs, it’s time to buff it with the help of a clean dry towel.
  • You will find some untouched areas where wax stains are yet to be cleaned. For an example, windows or trims of the windshield! This is where window cleaners can help! If you want to have a professional handling & get the best result, there are some specific things that the user should keep in mind. They are as follows.

In addition not simple like that, when begin to “Hand car wash” – If you want to have a professional handling & get the best result what we expected, still there are some specific things that user should keep in mind. Here are those as follows.

When you purchase any product from a particular brand, you will get manuals for free. It is always better to read these manuals first before you start using. This is because you don’t know how to optimize the user experience unless you’ve used it before or read the manual properly.
Read the washing and waxing product manuals

For proper washing and waxing, adequate lighting is required. Unless you have ample lights in car washing place, there are chances to spoil the washing process and spots can occur on the exterior due to eyesight error.

Never start washing in a dark place

Rust or paint damage is really dangerous. If you put high pressure it can lift the magnetic signs, or can lift the bumper stickers. So be aware of it.

Consider paint damage issues as important

Check Imperfections usually happen with Car’s Paint Surface to know what has occurred and have a right way to surmount the imperfections .

Identify the reason or imperfections what occurred on the car's surface

Hard towels can hurt the exterior of your car, especially during the rubbing process or in the time when you have to dry the exterior or any part of your car. There are many good soft fabric towels available that you can purchase and can use.

Avoid using hard towels

It is good to check as there might be tiny rocks inside of it. You never know what condition the previous user left it in. Just allow the water to run through the wand and use.

Check the brush wand before use

If you are washing during the winter time it requires some extra care. For an example, your used water might start freezing and eventually can lengthen the time of the washing and waxing process. Using gloves is handy during winter time cleaning. Understanding the direction of the wind is also helpful.

Consider the weather and the season as an important factor

If your floor mats are carpeted, it is good to avoid using pressure washers. This is because you will need significant time to dry that up later on.

Avoid using a pressure washer in special cases

This will help you understand if any machine or parts are out of order. This is important for not losing coins during the cleaning process.

Paying attention to the scrawled notes

Often users use fuel in the cleaning process, especially to clean the nuts and tiny interior parts. But this is not good at all. Oil lubricates a bit, but it creates adjustment problem for the car parts.

Never use fuel in the cleaning process

If you even accidentally put the spray over your foot, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. This is why avoiding direct pressure is good. Try to keep a bit of a distance between the car and the spraying hand.

Avoid direct pressure during spraying


OK, now let’s start practicing with your car.

I hope that after reading this post carefully, you’ll have a good idea of how to wash your car. In addition, if you are able to identify the reason for imperfections that occurred on your car’s surface, you will know the right way how to prevent the imperfections completely.

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