For Car Wash Detailing have many products,but to receive the ultimate result & retain cleanness for a longer period. Meguiar’s Car Care Kit can be great.

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Exterior Cleaning – Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit

A short overview on Meguiar’s complete car care kit!


Different types of products are important for different kinds of vehicles for ultimate exterior car management. But if you get Meguiar’s complete car care kit, you are all set. This is because here you can get all sorts of things that someone needs to get a glaring look of his/her vehicle.  

For car wash detailing you might get many other products, but to receive the ultimate result and to retain the cleanness for a longer period of time. These Meguiar’s car care kit can be great.

Car Care Detailing

Technical specification

From the technical standpoint, Meguiar’s complete car care kit is an above average performer for sure.

  • The weight of this product is around 1 pound.
  • The product dimension of these shampoos is 11.6 * 8.5 * 7.7 inches.
  • These products are made is most advanced technology.


Prominent features

Meguiar’s complete car care kit is full of many good features that can help a user to receive optimum performance of their car. Some of the mentionable features of this car wash product are as follows.

  • This is a complete car detailing and care kit with numbers of top-notch products.
  • For foaming away any sort of dirt and dust from the surface of the car, or from the wheel, having these products can be awesome.
  • After applying this wax you can receive a clear reflection with brilliant shine. Many people get it for interior cleaning too.
  • Soft foam pads of Maguiar’s help the user to apply wax in most comfortable and convenient way.
  • You will get microfiber wash mitts to clean exterior within the kit that will help you to absorb almost all waters that you want to. Use of these microfiber mitts will not generate any scratch over the surface of your car.
  • This is a gold class waxing product. You can hardly get a better and faster detailer than this kit.
  • For cleaning road grime and any sorts of contaminants having these kits can be effective. The shampoo and the conditioner will help you to get topmost cleaning and therefore the shine consecutively.


Some key benefits that user can avail

  • This product is very much reasonable priced and manufacturer warranty is provided.
  • You don’t need to worry about shipping charges for purchasing this car cleaning
  • For any kind of vehicles, you can use this product.
  • This shampoo and conditioner altogether can offer a great result that will sustain long.
  • No need to know how to wax a car, just purchase these products and start applying.


Though there are many car care kit available in the market Meguiar’s can offer you the best solution. This is because you can use the same bottle for a long period of time, and the result will be effective. For cleaning deepest dirt to clean usual dust from the glass of your exterior car, these products can offer you a good result.

So if you are thinking about purchasing any car wash products to reduce the expense of cleaning process, this could definitely be the best option to grab.

Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit


The Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit has inspired automotive enthusiasts worldwide to pamper, condition, and protect their treasured investments. This is one of the most complete kit on the market ...

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While I've never seen a car care kit that included everything to take care of your car, this one comes close. It will really get you started on the right track with quality, beneficial products. I love my cars and am passionate about taking care of them. I use some of these products daily, but I've tried just about everything in this kit. Meguiar's brings top quality products at affordable prices. I've used products from other companies that cost as much as this kit for one item, but yet Meguiar's is still always one of the very best. Here is how I strongly suggest you use these products:1) The Gold Class Wash. This is the best car wash I have ever used. Wash your car with this wash and the microfiber mit that is included.2) Clay - unless your car is brand new, you probably need to use the clay. Use the clay along with the Quick Exterior Detailer, to make your paint smooth to the touch.3) Scratch X is actually a paint cleaner. You want to apply Scratch X to the entire car, to clean contaminants below the surface of the paint. This step is very important. Apply and remove, you can use the applicator that is included obviously. The towel is also great to remove it with, but I like to use a towel to remove, and a second towel to buff it to a perfect shine.4) The final step - Gold Class Liquid Car Wax. This is one of the best car waxes/sealants I have used. There are other good, some even better perhaps, but this one is nothing to laugh at. It is really good and delivers beautiful depth, shine, and protection!Your car should look a lot better after all those steps.Read more ›
July 22, 2008
I did a lot of research on car care products since I purchased my new car and wanted to be sure that whatever I got would do a great job and not damage the car. I'm borderline obsessive about not letting some Car Wash jocky put a dirty rag to my car and you definitely won't find me using those automatic Car washes with the brushes. The Meguiars name came up over and over again and even by taking a look at the instructional videos on their website ([...]) or speaking to one of their representatives over the phone, it's pretty obvious that they know what they're talking about.The kit was great. It includes almost everything that you'd need to wash, detail, and wax your car to give it that polished finish. The Tire Gel was really nice to have. Puts a shine on the tire walls that doesn't look artificial like other "Tire Wet" products do. Also doesn't damage the inside of the wheel well with Spin Ups like the solutions at most car washes will do either. However, IMHO, since this "Complete Car Care Kit" was put together by and not Meguiars, it's missing two very important pieces: 1. A Drying cloth and 2. A Wax Applicator.By reading the product description, it's very hard to tell if the included Microfiber cloth is intended for drying or waxing, but after making doing some deductive reasoning, I figured it would be safer to purchase the Meguiars Water Magnet Microfiber drying cloth in addition to the kit for drying. It was a good decision. However, I was not so prudent about the Waxing applicator. Apparently, Meguiars also sells a Microfiber and Foam Applicator that is designed for applying the wax coat to the car. It's not a part of the kit. In the end, the included cloth was used for applying the wax to my car.Read more ›
June 9, 2011
I've used Meguiar's products in the past and was always happy with the results. This kit provides pretty much everything you need to get your car to have a showroom look.Individually, each product is more costly and when you add the washing glove and the wax sponge, you have a superb value. While you can certainly choose not to use certain products and save some money, at the cost of this kit you actually get some items virtually for free.Now, for the process and results:1. Wash the car with the car wash and use the wash glove. It is effective in removing grime and even some of the insects that always find a way to crash into the front of your car.2. Clay the car and take your time as this step can provide a huge payoff on the quality of the overall result. I used the clay on my wife's new Lexus and the results were amazing. The surface felt clean and soft.3. Use the ScratchX product for scratches and swirls. In certain cases, this product can remove the scratch completely. Just follow the directions and note that you may need multiple applications. In my 2001 Avalon I was able to remove most of the vestige of a large scratch running down the right side of my car around the middle of the doors. The scratch isn't fully gone, but it is effectively masked.4. Use the Gold Class liquid wax to finish off your hard work. I understand the new ICE liquid wax leaves no milky residue, but if you work with this you will not be disappointed. The end result will be a mirror-like finish which really shows off for dark-colored cars.I personally used microfiber towels in all the steps of the process. They are lint free and very effective. BTW, the Quick Detailer product is something you will want to keep around.Read more ›
April 23, 2009
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