For exterior protection,Ceramic Pain Protection (CPP) is very popular among the people. So CPP Kit can be chosen as it is full of many great features.

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CarPro Ceramic Paint Protection Kit – A best car detailing what I recommended

About CarPro Ceramic Paint Protection Kit in brief!


For exterior car protection the use of ceramic paint protection is very popular among the people. This is where CarPro ceramic paint protection kit can be chosen as it is full of many great features. This is such a car wash detailing product that can offer you ultimate cleaning with glaring shine thereafter.

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Technical specification

From the technical standpoint, CarPro ceramic paint protection kit is an above average performer for sure.

  • The weight of this car detailing product is 4 pounds.
  • The product dimension of these paint protection kit is 11.5 * 9.1 * 6.4 inches.
  • This product is originated in the United States and made is the most advanced formula.


Prominent features

CarPro ceramic paint protection kit is full of many good features that can help a user to receive optimum performance of their car. Some of the mentionable features of this car wash product are as follows.

  • This is an anti-static car cleaning product that is weather resistant and therefore it is capable of generating bright shines in a matter of time.
  • CQuarz can work on the molecular level and thus the vehicle can repel contaminants in the most convenient way.
  • Once you will apply this product the result will sustain for at least two years. It means this is a product that can offer you durable service. In that way, your money spending will become worthier.
  • This is an acid-free product and therefore your vehicle will remain safe when applying. The pH is nicely balanced and capable of decontaminating anything found over the wheels and the car body.
  • For exterior car management, this product can offer smoother using experiences. Just use it over a clean vehicle and use a damp sponge to wipe things out. Dry the vehicle thereafter, you are all set.

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Some key benefits that user can avail

  • Though many people consider this ceramic paint protection kit as a bit expensive, but the fact is, considering the durability of a single application anyone would refer it as reasonably priced and therefore you can consider it as the best value for the money.
  • There is no shipping charge that you would need to carry. Moreover, the manufacturer offers free shipping of the product.
  • Applying this kit is very easy and you can do that fast without incurring any sort of spot or scratches over the surface of the body.
  • To clean exterior this is probably the best option that can offer you faster result within 20 minutes.


Often people remain worry about how to wax a car. It can be said if someone has this product in his hand; waxing job can be accomplished very easily. For exterior car cleaning and getting a shiny look, you can get other options available in the market too, but none of those can be compared with this when you will compare the price and the output that this kit can generate. So if you are a car owner and want to make your vehicle dust free, consider purchasing CarPro ceramic paint protection kit.


CarPro Ceramic Paint Protection Kit


The CarPro Ceramic Paint Protection Kit includes: 30 ml. CarPro Cquartz, CarPro Cquartz applicator, 5 Suede Microfiber Cloths, 400 ml. Reload Spray Sealant, 500 ml. Iron X, and 3 Microfiber Detailing ...

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  • Last reviews
I think I have finally found a product I will stick with for the paint protection of my car. It has been a little over a month since I have applied this. It does what it says it will do and I am pleased. From its ease of application to its durability. My car has stayed noticeably cleaner in between washes. Especially during recent frequent rain.
December 4, 2013
If you're thinking about CQuartz, just buy it already! I have detailed professionally in the past and have tried almost every wax, sealant and polish known to man. CQuartz is an amazing product. It's not a wax, it's not a sealant, it's simply better. I am amazed. I have a black car and it stays clean twice as long as it did with a very high quality paint sealant that I used to use. Water flies right off the car. Even after multiple car washes, it's as if I just applied the coating. Be very careful when applying and removing CQuartz. DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. I followed the instructions and waited several minutes before removing/buffing. Well it was like someone dripped hot wax on my car. I had to use rubbing alcohol and a ton of elbow grease to remove my mistake. It was 80 degrees and humid. I found out that it worked best to remove/buff the coating about 30 seconds after applying it. Work in small areas, 1/4 of the hood, 1/2 the fender, 1/2 the door at a time. The end result is amazing, better initial and lasting looks than any other product I've used.
July 23, 2016
It's the real deal and although it takes time to do...the results are worth it.
April 24, 2015
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