Removing the toughest dirt & the road grime,Meguiar's Car Wash Shampoo has emitted proven result. Ultimate wax protection and for getting a superior result

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Exterior Cleaning – Meguiar’s G7164 Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner

Key things about the Gold class car wash shampoo & conditioner!


Exterior car look mostly depends on how well it is treated, therefore how much care the user take of it. This is something very special for getting a top-notch feeling while driving a car. Using shampoo is, therefore, getting very common in car wash detailing. Many shampoos are available in the market and therefore you don’t know which one is the best. This is where Meguiar’s G7164 gold class car wash shampoo & conditioner can play the anchor role. This article will pour its lights over those areas.  

Car Care Detailing

Technical specification

From the technical standpoint ‘Meguiar’s G7164 gold class car wash shampoo & conditioner’ is an above average performer for sure.

  • The weight of this bottle is 4.8 pounds.
  • The product dimension of this Meguiar’s shampoo bottle is 4.7 * 3.1 * 11.8 inches.
  • This product is made in mode advanced nano-technology.


Prominent features

Meguiar’s G7164 gold class car wash shampoo & conditioner is full of many good features that can help a user to receive optimum performance of their car. Some of the mentionable features of this car cleaning product are as follows.

  • This is a one-stop service provider for the car wash and conditioning that is made is the most advanced formula.
  • This soap is fully compatible with pressure washers. You can use it for pre-waxing too.
  • It is possible to apply this bottle soap for at least 64 times, taking one ounce in a gallon of water, and therefore you can consider this product as highly productive. The result of the cleaning sustains for months.
  • This product can clean exterior without stripping the wax protection. If you know how to wax a car, you will better understand how good this product can be.
  • Ultra-rich conditioning pain leaves a radiant output over the paint and therefore the user of the car can receive glaring exterior.
  • This clean exterior shampoo can foam out the deepest dirt from the car body. No contaminants can sustain after applying this product in car cleaning process.


Some key benefits that user can avail

  • This is a product that a user can use for car detailing and for conditioning paint. Therefore you can consider it as a two in one product.
  • You can get manufacturers money back guarantee.
  • Free shipping service is enabled for a certain amount of purchase.
  • You can apply it in ten minutes and can get expected results. It is really very easy to use.
  • You can get this car wash shampoo for a reasonable price.


Getting alternative than this particular Meguiar’s product for exterior car management is possible, but there are few other things that you should consider to evaluate. One is the quality and another is the price. Considering those things you can hardly get a better performer than this car cleaning shampoo.

For removing the toughest dirt and the road grime, Meguiar’s Shampoo has emitted proven result. For ultimate wax protection and for getting a superior result, don’t forget to get this for your car.

Meguiar's G7164 Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner - 64 oz.

Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner is designed to clean and condition paint in one step. It features an advanced formula that gently foams away tough dirt, road grime and ...

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  • Last reviews
I love this car soap. I've been using it for years and buying from the big box stores so when Amazon had it for a fraction of the price I'm used to paying; it was a no brainer to order 2 containers. I use it to wash and to fill my MTH Foamer. Lays down a thick foam film pulling most of the dirt off my car while not damaging the wax.
May 26, 2015
This simply the best all around soap out there for washing cars. I've been using it for years on various cars, and I've yet to find something that works better. It helps bring my Evo to a show worthy clean and shine.A couple cap fulls of this in my pressure washer bottle suds up great, same with my Gilmour Foamaster. It does a great job at cutting through mud and dirt, and even bird droppings if you get to it soon enough. Where I live it rains 2-3x a week so I try to keep my car waxed to reduce washes, but I still end up washing it down once every 1-2 weeks. If I stay on top of it, with this and my pressure washer - I don't have to touch my car with a mit or towel for cleanings. This works that well to clean a car of all dirt, grime, and bugs. However if you let it go a month and it's not waxed, then you'll probably have to mit clean it. The only time I use a different soap is usually the first couple weeks after a wax (assuming it's not caked on dirty somehow) I use Meguiar's Wash and Wax - 48 oz. to preserve the wax job and bring it back to a little more of a shine.To wash - I highly recommend a cheap electric pressure washer with a soap bottle. You can find them around 100-150$, and if you frequently wash your car it's well worth it. My philosophy is the less times I have to touch my car the lower probability of miro-marring and swirl marks. If you have to mitt clean, do as high powered of a rinse you can with a hose to get off the bulk of dirt. I then recommend the ...Read more ›
October 27, 2013
I had been washing and waxing my cars and truck for over 40 tears, this is by far the best I ever used. With just a little elbow grease it even removes tar. One review said that suds ran out, I didn't have that problem, just measured by eye in a 3/4 full 5 gallon bucket with hot water and your good to go. I love Meguiars products but stay away from their tech wax. You will not be disappointed with this car wash.
July 18, 2010
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